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TLS Select And GeneSNP

Customized Weight Management

TLS Select Weight Loss Solution


Tina Rose, NP is trained in clinically supervised and customized weight management using TLS Select Weight Loss Solution. She provides consultation to review your weight management history, optimal wellness goals, and to ultimately generate an individualized plan to support you in achieving those goals. Learn more about TLS Select in the above video, why fad or crash diets don't work, and how we can support you in effective lifestyle change to reach your wellness goals. To find the weight loss plan right for you, take the weight loss profile here.

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TLS Select

Your Health Coach


Barbara Cauchon is a certified Health Coach who trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as having degrees from Simmons College in Health Care Administration and Secondary Science Education. After years of working as a science educator, Barbara’s current passion is helping "medium aged" women create balanced lifestyles, leading to their better health and happiness. Her life long interests have been in the areas of nutrition, reproductive health and integrative healing. 

We are excited to partner with her to offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to your wellness goals!  She will work with you to create a completely personalized health action plan based on your goals, your ideal vision of health, and your unique make-up of body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

Barbara lives nearby with her husband and their two cats. She enjoys scrapbooking, rubber-stamping, playing the piano, yoga and taking walks in nature.

"I truly believe we have the answers to most of our health and wellness questions within ourselves, often locked up somewhere in the story of who we are and where we have come from. We just need someone to listen, help us clarify our goals, offer direction and provide support along the way." 
- Barbara Cauchon

GeneSNP DNA Analysis


We know genetic make-up affects our outward appearance in eye and skin color, our hair, and height. Our genes also affect how our bodies react to our environment and lifestyle. GeneSNP DNA Analysis is a science-based genetic analysis that evaluates your unique genetic variations, or mutations, and tiny differences in our DNA called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Your healthcare provider can use this information to make customized recommendations on what foods, exercise, habits and behaviors are most important for you in achieving your wellness goals.

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