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Our Services

Annual Well Woman Visits


Preventative health care is the best way to keep yourself healthy. We offer comprehensive wellness visits for women of all ages, and recommend an annual gynecology appointment. Your annual visit is when we review your medical and family history, address any current issues, focus on your health habits and wellness goals, and conduct age-appropriate screenings such as breast exams, pap smears, STI screening, etc.

We are particularly skilled with first-time gynecology exams for young women. We take time to walk through the procedure gently and explain every step of the process.

Contraception Counseling


We offer every type of reversible contraception currently available including:

  • Pills, patch, ring prescriptions
  • IUD insertion / replacement / removal
  • Implant insertion / replacement / removal
  • Contraceptive shots
  • Diaphragms
  • Fertility Awareness / Cycle Tracking education
  • Emergency Contraception prescriptions

Birth control is a very personal and private choice for women, and the options available are constantly changing. We stay up to date on the latest developments and guidelines to offer you the most choices possible.

Most types of birth control do not require an internal exam prior to prescribing or use.

Menopause Care


The transition through menopause (when monthly periods stop) can be challenging. Hormone level changes can affect mood, sleep, energy levels, comfort, sexual desire and pleasure, and self-confidence.

There are many options available to women to make this a smoother and easier transition. We offer pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical methods, including bio-identical therapies when desired and appropriate.

Tina Rose, NP is a member of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and stays current on research, safety, and treatment options. As with all health care decisions, each woman and each situation is unique; a discussion with an experienced and knowledgeable professional can be an amazing step towards a better experience.

Adolescent Gynecology


Whether it’s birth control, period concerns, STI screening, or your first pap smear you want a provider you can trust and feel comfortable with. We pride ourselves in offering the type of gynecology care we would want for ourselves and our daughters. With a focus on education and patient empowerment, our appointments are unhurried and visits always start in the comfort of our offices.

For adolescents, many issues can be addressed without an internal exam, including most types of birth control. We are, however, particularly skilled with first-time gynecology exams for young women. We take time to walk through the procedure gently and explain every step of the process.

Beyond specific clinical needs, adolescents have unique developmental needs that we consider in their care. While we welcome adult or parental support for our younger patients, we always address the need for privacy and autonomy during visits. One of our core values is empowering women to make choices about their bodies that they feel good about, and this is especially important for teens and young adults.

Whole Woman Wellness


In addition to our traditional gynecological care, we offer screening and wellness promotion services that incorporate the latest in gene sequencing technology and nutrition research.

Unexpected Issues


Beyond routine and preventative care, we also provide evaluations for urgent issues and non-routine concerns:

  • vaginitis symptoms (yeast, bacterial vaginosis, etc.)
  • abnormal uterine bleeding evaluation & management
  • period irregularities
  • painful sex
  • PMS/PMDD evaluation & treatment
  • breast lumps or changes
  • abnormal pap smear management, including Colposcopy

"Thank you for your generous time and care.  I truly appreciate you and I love seeing you!"



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